Small Town Comes Up With A Plan To Send All Graduates To College

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 20th August 2015

Michigan graduates.

We all know how expensive college is and how not everyone can afford it. But a small town in Michigan came up with a plan to send all it's graduates to college. People there came up with a heart warming gesture to cut the cost for local kids- by pooling money they were able to send about all of its kids to college.


According to "The Atlantic" in 2005, just 12 out of a batch of 32 kids who graduated high school were able to go to college. After the introduction of a fund program called "the Baldwin promise" in 2009, the fund promised to pay up to 5000$ a year for every student in Baldwin public schools to attend public or private colleges in Michigan.

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A local native who once left Baldwin for his career in politics, came up with an idea : why not ask ask everyone to contribute some money so that every local student could go to college? Simon therefore convinced people enough to raise up to 160,000$. This was more then just a financial boost for the students, as Baldwin is one of the poorest countries in Michigan.

Pick up for the education system.

"The Atlantic" has now reported that changes in the education system have gone down till kindergarten. Now when five year olds enter school they are tasked to create an image of themselves wearing motherboard make of construction papers. And those faces are printed onto banners hung in elementary schools stating "college begins with kindergarten " Now they know what to expect after high school. They know where they want to go.

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