‘Smart’ Passenger Brings His Own Parachute On Every Flight “Just In Case”

By Khadija Pervez in Travel On 13th December 2023

Social media is buzzing with debate after a man brought his own parachute onto a commercial plane. The sight of someone carrying a parachute onto a plane is far from reassuring, especially for those who may already have a fear of flying.

TikTok/ @kaganbrooks

While the idea of "better to be safe than sorry" is understandable, this plane passenger has taken being precautious to a whole new level.

Imagine the impact on passengers with a fear of flying, as the presence of a personal parachute adds an extra layer of unease during the flight.

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TikTok/ @kaganbrooks

TikTok user Kagan Brooks, known as @kaganbrooks, recently posted a video on the platform showcasing her husband as he boarded a flight.

In the footage, he is seen from behind, carrying what initially looks like a backpack. However, Brooks discloses that it is, in fact, his 'parachute.'


The video captures her husband confidently strolling onto the plane with the camouflage-patterned backpack.

He shares a smirk with the camera, and interestingly, he faces no intervention from airline staff regarding the unconventional item he is bringing onboard. 

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TikTok/ @kaganbrooks

With an air of nonchalance, he proceeds down the aisle, eventually stowing the parachute in an overhead locker.

The caption reads: "Not my husband bringing his parachute on Spirit Airlines just in case. [...] I was laughing out loud the entire time #spiritairlines #traveltiktok #skydiver #spirit #traveltok."

The video swiftly went viral, surpassing one million views in no time. People flocked to share their opinions on TikToker Kagan Brooks' husband bringing a parachute onboard, sparking widespread discussion and curiosity.


A third wrote: "Probably the smartest idea I’ve ever seen. This would help me with any plane anxiety in a way."

And a fourth added: "Why don’t they provide parachutes just in case!!!!"

@kaganbrooks Replying to @That_450zx ♬ original sound - kagan brooks

However, another said: "Lol yall he’s just transporting it you can’t jump out of a commercial jet like that."

In a subsequent post, Brooks disclosed the actual reason behind her husband bringing the parachute onto the plane.


In her video response, Brooks addresses a comment suggesting her husband is merely "transporting" the parachute.

She remarks that they are among the "only" TikTokers who have recognized that her initial post was intended as a joke.

She says: "My husband was bringing his rig to Miami so that he could go skydiving there and I thought people understood humor. But the comments section says otherwise."