Snake Catcher Removes Huge Pythons From Toilets!

By Teresa Thomerson in Bizarre On 18th September 2015


An Australian snake catcher said he has been called out twice in the past two weeks to remove enormous pythons from residents' toilets.

Elliot Budd of Buddy Ell Snake Removal in Queensland said he was called about two weeks ago to remove a nearly 10-foot snake from a Townsville toilet.


"The first one I got, the house was being renovated so it was a few tradesmen working there that came across it. I was definitely a bit surprised when it was in the toilet," Budd told CNN.

The pest remover said he thought someone was pranking him when he was called Sept. 12 to remove a second toilet snake in the town.

"I hoped my days pulling snakes out of toilets were over," he said in a Facebook post. "Another large carpet python in a toilet in North Ward. This one was already mostly down through the toilet and we couldn't unbolt the toilet so i just had to hold onto him for a while until he relaxed and came out on his own accord."

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Budd said the second snake measured nearly 8 feet long.

He said the snakes probably crawled into the toilets through the bowls rather than coming up through the pipes.

"It just comes down to the fact that it's really dry right now and they're looking for water and it is mating season right now," he said. "They are using a lot more energy than they normally would so they need more water. They're non-venomous these snakes. They aren't considered dangerous. They're not something to fear but it's best if you come across them to leave them alone."

A local tradie got the fright of his life when he discovered a huge carpet python coiled up in a toilet.Local snake catcher Elliot Budd was called to save the day.#7News

Posted by 7 Local News Townsville on Tuesday, September 8, 2015