Snapchat Update: People Are Signing Petition To Remove New Update

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology

There’s a petition to 'Make Snapchat great again' and a whole host of Snappers have taken to Twitter to express their disgust.


Snapchat knew its dramatically redesigned app could attract fierce criticism from its user base, but it had to make the changes regardless.

The new version of Snapchat is rolling out to users, many of whom are unhappy with the redesign and pleading with the company to reverse it.


The app still opens to the camera like before, but most of the other features have been shuffled around.

For instance, swiping left reveals a Friends page that lets you see your chats with friends, but also all of their Snapchat Stories. The Friends panel is also now ordered based on an algorithm that works out who you like to chat with the most.


A petition has been started on, titled ‘Remove the new Snapchat update’ - and it’s already gained a lot of attention.

The petition, which was started by Nic Ramsey, has been signed by 85,625 people (at time of publishing).


The petition has been flooded with comments from people expressing their frustration with the changes and asking the company to reverse them.

Feedback from Snapchat users on Twitter has been overwhelmingly negative.

"Can we please have the old version back. This new update is confusing and complicated. Social media is supposed to be easy and fun. My friends and I would really appreciate it. Thanks!"


"The new Snapchat update is more complicated than trying to turn on your friend's shower."


"Hi @Snapchat, your new layout/UI update is absolutely terrible. Won't be using the app due to this. What were you guys thinking?"

"The number of times Im going to end up accidentally video calling people because of this ridiculous snapchat update"


"Snapchat is so hard now Who thought the update would be a good idea I just wanna talk"


I say we should all boycott and delete @Snapchat until they fix this dumbass update

How to avoid new Snapchat update

If you've already got the update then there's no easy way to downgrade your app.

But if you haven't got it then you can prevent the update by turning off automatic app updates on your phone.

On an iPhone

Open the Settings app, swipe up until you find iTunes & App Store, and then toggle the Updates icon to offer in the Automatic Downloads section.


For Android devices,

Start by finding the installation file for the previous update online using the name, version number, and APK. Once you've got the file, delete the newer Snapchat from your phone and then copy the older APK file using Windows Explorer.

You'll then need to download an Android File Explorer app to find the file on your phone, which you can then install.

Or you could just embrace the change. Definitely easier.