Some People Have Tiny Holes Above Their Ears And There Is A Good Reason Behind It

Posted by Sama in Science and Technology On 21st June 2020

Some people possess these odd little holes on top of their ear which can be present either on one side or both sides of the face. The condition known as preauricular sinuses has no scientific reason behind its presence. But according to evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin, these holes could be a remnant of fish gills. Interesting, isn’t it?


#1 Preauricular sinuses

Genes are almost a magical thing from scientific point of view. It is not really uncommon when a child is born with some distinctive features, either it could be , multicolored eyes or any other facial feature, etc. Here we will discuss one preauricular sinus. We are not sure if you have noticed or not but some people have weird holes on top of their ears. Many people who posses this remarkable feature don't even know why they have it.

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#2 Congenital malfunction of preauricular soft tissues.

A preauricular sinus, also known as a preauricular pit, preauricular tract, and preauricular cyst, is a congenital malformation of the preauricular soft tissues.


#3 First reported by a scientist in a study in 1864.

This abnormality was first reported in the history in 1864 in a study by a scientist Van Heusinger. This feature usually occurs in front of the upper ear and located just between the cartilage of the ear rim and the face. This feature can occur either on both sides or on one side.


#4 This unique feature not very common in humans.

The fact that is really interesting about this feature is that these holes are connected to the sinus tract and run under the skin with a short or long path and this is something that is not really common in humans.


#5 Can be genetic or not.

It is believed that this feature usually runs in the family but it has reported to occur spontaneously too in people with no family history.


#6 Most common in the East Asian population.

The prevalence of it varies. They are most common in East Asian populations, with an incidence of 10%, and less common in people of African descent (4%) and Caucasians (0.5%).


#7 If infected needs treatment.

Although this hole can create no problem in leading a healthy life if it gets infected then it needs treatment.


#8 Remnants of fish gills?

Although there is no theory behind the existence of these holes but one evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin thinks it is the remaining of fish gills in the process of evolution.