Son Buys His Dad His Dream Car, 1965 Chevy, Which He Sold Over 20 Years Ago

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 6th June 2018

#1 Happy Memories With Their Family Car

This man has a lot of happy memories with his car, Chevy Impala 1965. He always treated his shiny brand new car like a family and according to his son he treated the vehicle like a baby. The son also has memories where he along with his parents would go on long drives in that car during his childhood. He remembers the excitement and thrill when his dad would take him out in the car and let him sit in the front seat with him.

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#2 Selling The Car Due To Tough Times The Family Had To Face

Unfortunately, the family faced tough times financially and after much thinking, the dad decided to part with the beloved Classic car and after being with the car for 20 years, it was put up for sale. It was difficult, but he knew it was the right thing to do.


#3 The Teenage Son Decided To Try Searching For The Car For Old Time's Sake

Years, later an idea clicked into the son's mind and he kept on thinking whether that Chevy Impala still existed or not. He has to give it a try at least, for his dad's sake. He started to search for it. The son began his online search and looked up the VIN of the Chevy and to his sheer luck the address of the current owner came up on the site. The son could not believe that after all these years the car still existed. With new hope, the son started contacting the car owner and called them numerous times and even sent them several letters. But it was all in vain as he received no response. It turns out that the car wasn’t where he thought and always seemed to be two steps behind. The car’s registration kept bouncing from state to state every time he would look it up. Finally, the car’s owner in Maine reached out to his son.


#4 Finally He Found It!

He was told that the car has been sold to some people in Canada and that it was gone now. The son almost gave up on his hope of finding the Classic car ever again. Just trying his luck one more time, he googled car's information one more time. What he saw next was enough to thank hus lucky stars. The car was first on the list for sale in Montreal, Quebec.

#5 After Seeing His Car After So Many Years, Dad Is Almost Rendered Speechless

Finally, he bought the car and now it was time for the big surprise. The whole family gathered in the park and the dad was just standing in there, having no idea what was in store for him. The Chevy Impala comes rolling around the corner and the dad turns around to see it. The moment sees his Chevy Impala 1965 for the first time he is rendered speechless by emotions and the reaction is priceless.