Spiders Are Using Tools! Spider Uses Web To Hoist Pebble In Denmark!

By Teresa Thomerson in Nature On 4th September 2015


A Danish man shared video showing the pebble hoisted three feet off the ground by a spider's web after being used as a corner weight by the arachnid.


Nicholas Steenberg of Sonderborg posted a video to YouTube showing the pebble hanging in the air by strands of spider web outside his woodshed.

He said the spider apparently used the pebble as a corner weight for the web and it ended up hoisted into the air.

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"I found a pebble at the base of this spider web that was used as a corner weight to construct the web. It was incredible to imagine how it hoisted the rock up 3 feet above the ground. This shows the amazing strength and wit that these creatures have," Steenberg wrote in the video's description.