Stare At The Red Dot On Her Nose For 30 Seconds Then Look At A Plain Wall And Blink Really Fast! Omg!

Posted by Editorial Staff in Puzzle On 26th July 2016


Welcome to the unique world of afterimages, where infrared images reveal much more. This illusion involves negative colors burning into your retina to reveal color images where there is actually a black and white image. See the following examples of this cool illusion.



Look at the red nose of this sexy model for 30 seconds without blinking, then move your eyes to the white space to the right and blink profusely. You will see something that was well worth the effort.


Stare at the red dot in the middle of this beach scene until the image switches to the black and white version. You will then be able to see the b&w image turn color!



A simple funky town turns into something more. Stare at the red dot as the gif counts down and then see the black and white drawing become bright with colors.

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