Startling Moment Bear Jumps On Table And Gatecrashes Family’s Picnic

By Abdul Rafay in Bizarre Published On 7th October 2023

A shocking video documents the moment a bear climbs onto a picnic table outside and begins taking food from a family.

Credit: X/@SomaKazima

A family is seen having a picnic at the Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, Mexico, in the shocking footage when a hungry black bear enters and hops onto the table to consume their food.


The horrified family had no choice but to watch as it consumed their food because they had no time to get away from the bear when it first came. They had no choice but to maintain their composure and sit motionless in the hopes that the bear would continue to be busy with the meal.

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Fortunately, the bear went without harming anyone after eating all of the food.

Credit: X/@SomaKazima

As the bear drew near, Silvia Macas, who was sitting at the table, shielded her son Santiago's eyes.


She said: "Santiago is very afraid of animals, a cat or a dog, any animal scares him a lot. I didn't want him to see it and scream or run. I was afraid that if he got scared or screamed, (it would) scare the bear."

She added: "I just think I'm a mother who protected her cub."

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On TikTok, a video of the incident was posted, and it has amassed about six million views.

@pnnhd Family sits frozen as the bear gatecrashes picnic and eats their food in Mexico. In the video, the mother can be seen shielding her son from the wild animal that jumped up on their picnic table. #family #Mexico #video #socialmedia #foryou #foryoureal #tiktok #southamerica #wildanimal #PNNnews ♬ original sound - PNN

According to a study done by the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, the region is home to at least 38 black bears.

Black bears are considered an endangered species by Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources because urbanization is encroaching on their natural habitat.

Authorities at Chipinque Ecological Park post instructions on what to do if you see a bear, including not approaching, avoiding feeding them if you can, and not leaving trash.


The US National Parks Service provides instructions on what to do if you come into contact with bears.

This includes identifying yourself so the bear won't be surprised by you, remaining cool, and speaking to the bear in a low voice; however, you should never mimic bear sounds.

Other tips include scooping up young children and refraining from shouting or sobbing because the bear can mistake these sounds for those of prey.

Another piece of advice is to avoid running because bears are faster than us and will pursue anything that flees, even people. 


Additionally, make sure the bear has a clear path to escape from you at all times.

This encounter teaches us to respect wildlife and follow safety guidelines when sharing their habitats.

Silvia and her family's calm demeanor demonstrates that we can peacefully coexist with wildlife, respecting the creatures that share our planet.

Their actions serve as a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect and live harmoniously with the animals in their natural habitats.