Starving, Hairless Dog Grows Back His Coat & Finds His Forever Home

By Johny in Feel Good On 4th March 2023

He was taken in by Cute Mutts Rescue and rehabilitated for about two months. Norman's therapy included a healthy diet because he was so thin and had lost all of his hair.

This may appear to be a simple "treatment," but for a shelter that relies on donations, procuring high-quality food can be a significant price that many people cannot afford.

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Fortunately for Norman, the Rescue Bank stepped in. The organization gave high-quality dog food to feed the puppy, relieving the rescue of an expensive aspect of his care. As a result, the money saved on food was used to pay for vetting and other medical needs.

Norman's coat began to grow back as a result of the loving care he received from the rescue and a nutrient-rich diet.

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After being rescued, the former stray transformed from a grey sack of bones to a healthy pup with a gleaming tan-and-white coat!

While his physical wounds healed quickly, his mental scars took a bit longer. He was distrustful of humans, so Adorable Mutts placed him in a socialization and basic command training program.

There, he made significant progress toward adoption preparation.

When his new mom took him home he was still pretty shy, and it took many days for him to warm up to her.

Yet she refused to give up on the dog and patiently waited for him to change his mind. She gradually gained his trust, and the two formed an unbreakable friendship.

While Norman is still hesitant around strangers, he couldn't be happier to spend time with the people he cares about. This dog had a long voyage, but he is now enjoying life in his new home in Canada!

 We're overjoyed that this gentleman was given the second chance at life.