Stay-At-Home-Girlfriends Are A Thing, Apparently

By Haider Ali in Life Style On 30th October 2022

Move aside, stay-at-home moms; a new girl in town is here: stay-at-home...girlfriends? Although the original roots of this trend are unknown, it somewhat resembles a stay-at-home sugar baby.

Many of these so-called stay-at-home buddies spend their days doing chores around the house, running errands, journaling, exercising, doing laundry, etc. 


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It appears that their primary concern is maintaining their partner's attention.

People who feel sorry for the women because it seems like they don't get to do anything for themselves and those who are envious of the women's ability to lounge around all day took to the social media platform to share their views on the trend.

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@geemcgwee, a TikToker, even created a parody video of the craze. She occasionally claims to check the locks on the windows and doors to make sure her hypothetical partner locked them (he always does), and she ends her statement with, "For the next few hours, or maybe minutes, I have no way of keeping time, I'll gaze out the window."

Kendal Kay (@kendalkay), a TikTok stay-at-home girlfriend, frequently posts about her days. One viewer decided to see what the 25-year-old was writing in her journal, and was shocked by the alarming results.

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Kay's planner was zoomed in on in the video, which was posted by @1000mgibuprofen. "I made the decision to screenshot [Kendal's] planner because I was interested in what she might be preparing."

Kay wrote in her calendar things like "unsatisfied with my looks," "stagnation in my career/ satisfaction/ fulfillment," and "lack of fun/social life/excitement," among other things.

It was in marked contradiction to Kay's supposedly affluent lifestyle, and many people noted that they felt bad for the young woman.

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