Stomach-Churning Moment Raw ‘Zombie’ Meat ‘Crawls Off’ Restaurant Customer’s Dinner Plate As People Scream

By maks in Food On 11th June 2024

When your dinner is served, the absolute last scenario you expect is for your food to suddenly take a leap from the plate straight onto the floor.

If you’ve read the headline, you know what’s about to come. 

The video below captures the rather creepy moment when a piece of meat seems to have a mind of its own, wriggling right off its plate.

Right away, it drew comparisons to scenes straight out of a zombie flick.

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But thankfully, we can all breathe a sigh of relief—the zombie apocalypse hasn’t been kicked off by a twitchy piece of meat.

However, that didn’t stop quite a few people from losing their cool. 

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When your dinner starts to stroll off your plate all on its own, it’s somewhat understandable to let out a scream or two in fright.

Thankfully, there's a perfectly good explanation for this spooky occurrence that doesn't involve the undead coming back to life. 

The meat is crawling right off the plate. Facebook

And even if it were the harbinger of a zombie outbreak, it’s somewhat comforting to know that patient zero is just a harmless piece of meat with no biting capabilities.

The peculiar behavior of this meat, continuing to twitch long after its demise, is actually due to it being a fresh cut that's been heavily salted.

Snopes took it upon themselves to dig a little deeper and confirmed that the active neurons in the meat reacted to the sodium ions present in the salt and soy sauce.

This reaction causes the still-present muscles in the dead meat to contract, making it seem as if the meat is still alive and thrashing about in a rather zombielike fashion.

They also noted that the meat shown in the video likely originated from a frog, which might explain why it seemed particularly animated about its untimely end and subsequent plating.

The footage is thought to have come from an establishment that practices 'ikizukuri', a technique where live seafood is prepared right before being served.

While this is typically done with fish, frogs can also be served this way, which might just be the case here, giving the illusion of zombie meat making a great escape.

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So, there you have it—no supernatural forces at play, just the natural response of muscle tissues to salt.

What looks like a scene from a horror movie is merely the aftereffects of sodium on freshly cut meat.

It’s all just the mechanical workings of nature's design, with no free will involved, soon to be consumed and converted into energy for another creature in the ongoing cycle of life.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and maybe keep an eye on your dinner just in case!