Stunning Photos Of And Amazing Facts About Mount Olympus

By Michael Avery in Nature Published On 8th May 2018

#1 A mountain of myths.

Historically Mount Olympus was thought to be the home of the Greek pantheon by ancient Greeks. The 12 Olympians were thought to reside at the peak of the mountain. It's this belief that has made Olympus such a cultural icon.


#2 The peak holds a special place in mythology.

The highest peak of the mountain, Mytikas was once called "Pantheon" by the ancient Greeks. This 9,573 foot peek was believed to be the exact meeting place of the Greek Gods.

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#3 Fun and games.

The Macedonian village of Dion was home to 9 days of games and contests dedicated to honoring Zeus. These days, Dion is home to an amazing archaeological museum where a good portion of the area's history is displayed.


#4 The varying climates.

Since Olympus lies in the Mediterranean, winters tend to be wet and cold while summers are normally dry and warm. The highest portions of the mountain are blanketed in snow for about 7 months of the year.

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#5 How do you get there?

From Athens, one would travel about 258 miles to Litochoro. This town located in the foothills of the mountain is this primary location for starting out on an Olympus expedition. You could also enter Olympus National Park from Petra, Karya, Dion or Kokkinopilos.

#6 When should you visit?

Olympus National Park is an amazing place to visit year-round. There is no specific time of year that is better to visit than others. No matter what time of year you visit there is sure to be some kind of religious, cultural or athletic event going on that celebrates the areas historical and modern culture.


#7 How to get there.

The mountain is the perfect location for climbing and hiking enthusiasts. The park is littered with all kinds of routes and trails for people to enjoy. If you want to make a vacation of it there are 9 refuge stops where you can stay overnight. Each refuge can sleep 12+ people some even have restaurants.

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#8 The Christian influence.

It might come as a surprise to you but there are many Christian monuments in the region. There are chapels and monastery's littered around the park. If you ever visit you should stop by the Old Monastery of Dionysios or the Agia Triada Sparmou Monastery.