Super Dad Goes Viral After He Goes Up On Stage And Becomes A Ballerina To Help His Daughter Overcome Her Stage Fright

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 16th June 2018

Fathers are the best and this dad here proves it by showing cute dancing steps after trying to help his daughter to overcome her stage fright. Watch the video and let it make your day today!


#1 Famously Now Known As "Daderina"

Marc Daniels, now famously known as "Daderina" has become a viral star over all social media platforms this week after Daniels set an example of an ideal parenting. The incident occurred when Daniels was attending his 2-year old daughter Isabelle's dress ballet rehearsal.


#2 Daniels Upon Seeing His Girl Not Performing Due To Stage Fright Hopped On The Stage To Give Her Confidnece

Isabelle was onstage in her pretty ballerina costume dancing with her class fellows at Hamilton City Hall in Bermuda. The little girl suddenly became overwhelmed with stage fright and sat down on the floor crying her heart out. Daniels being a good sport took no time in reaching to his daughter's side. The worried dad first tried to console his little one from off stage. But nothing worked the super dad hopped on the stage and following the instructor's step started following the dancing steps in hopes that Isabelle would overcome her stage fright.


#3 All Through The Performance Daniels Was Holding His Other Daughter In His Hands

Looking super cute holding his daughter's hand Daniels managed to mimic the steps successfully, encouraging his daughter to do the same and not only this, all through this dancing, Daniels was holding his toddler Suri in his hands. While the mom was helping out backstage.

#4 The Crowd Absolutely Loved The Performance

The performance was so cute and hilarious that the crowd was absolutely loving it and it was also videotaped by the audience. One of the videos was uploaded online and from there it went viral within a matter of few hours. When asked about this whole performance, Daniels said, "Bella was very emotional and needed hugs from her daddy. Despite having a tantrum, I can tell she wanted to stay on stage. I didn’t want to discourage her before the big performance by making her be the only one to come off."

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