Suspect In On-air Murder Of Journalists Commits Suicide!

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 28th August 2015

#1 Authorities said:

The shooting triggered a manhunt that ended hours later when the suspect shot himself in a rented car. The suspect, Vester Flanagan, was immediately rushed to hospital in critical condition but was not able to survive. Flanagan, 41, was a former employee at the local tv station who got fired in 2013 due to this "anger issues".

#2 USA today.

The shooting took place at about 6:45 ET At Smith mountain lake. The victims were Parker, 24 and camera man, Adam Ward,27. They both were interviewing the Gardner at Bridgewater shopping plaza. Just as they went off camera Parker was heard screaming and a glimpse of the killer dressed in black was captured. This was broadcasted live from the WDBJ7 station. Police were not able to determine a motive though. They came up with the theory through social media that Flanagan was disturbed in some manner and things in his life were out of control.

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#3 Social media.

Four hours after the shooting Flanagan tweeted using the name Bryce Williams. He used the same name to post a video of the killing on Facebook from his perspective. He tweeted that Parker made racist comments about him and how ward went to human resources just after one time he worked with him. The suspects car was found in interstate 66 hours later. He tried to flee from the police but crashed. He was sent to hospital with a bullet and life threatening injuries. He died at 1:30 p.m.