Take A Look At What It Is Really Like To Work In The Restaurant Industry

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Funny On 19th June 2018

As a customer, you might think that restaurant workers have it easy. After all, they just have to take your order and bring you food and drinks. However, working in a restaurant is a lot more complicated than that. You have to deal with ornery customers, customers who do not tip, and a stressed our work staff. It is far from easy. Here is a funny look at what restaurant workers have to deal with on a daily basis.


The Dinner Rush

The dinner rush at any restaurant can be stressful to a server. You have all of your tables filled and you have to keep up with their orders and keeping their drinks fresh. It can feel like a war zone.


Sucks To Be You

As a server, you cannot wait for your shift to be over. Afterall, you have been on your feet all day and your nerves are frayed from dealing with difficult customers. So, when a co-worker asks for help when you are on your way out the door, you are likely to pretend that you did not even hear the request to begin with.


Checking the Schedule

Working at a restaurant his stressful, so when you are on shift, you want to be sure you are working with people that are great at what they do in order to make your shift run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, there are some bad seeds in the bunch that will make your shift super miserable.

Gluten-Free Menu

Back in the day, you only had the occasional vegetarian sit at one of your tables. Nowadays, people are so picky about what they eat, that it can make your life hell.


Am I Psychic?

We will never understand how people expect restaurants to be able to predict the future. It would just be better if you find a place that takes reservations if you are worried about having any wait when you are ready to have dinner.

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