Talk About A Blast From The Past. Check Out Some Of Your Favorite Toys From The 80s

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in History On 30th June 2017

The 80s was an iconic time for toys with the big blast of dolls and action figures based off of TV and movie characters. It was also a great time for the video game industry with the introduction of new home game playing consoles. So, enjoy this blast from the past while reminiscing about the best toys of your childhood.


#1 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

When Mattel came out with these hyper-muscled warriors, the sales skyrocketed leading to two movies, 3 TV shows, and comic books over the course of the decade.


#2 WWF LJN Wrestlers

With the popularity of professional wrestling really peaking in the mid 80s, LJN reaped the benefits with their line of action toys in the name of all of your favorite wrestlers.


#3 Glo Worm

Who didn't have a Glo Worm. I know once I had mine, I could not go to sleep without it.

#4 Jem

Based off of a popular cartoon about a teenager who had a rockstar as an alter ego that had her own band, Jem became a super popular doll to have even competing with Barbie in sales.


#5 Popples

How could anyone forget the little stuffies that could be rolled into balls and zipped closed. These were one of my favs as a little girl, too.

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