Talking To Yourself Is Actually A Sign Of Intelligence, Find Researchers

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Life Style On 18th September 2018

While talking to yourself is often regarded as a social no-no, possibly hinting at psychological problems, new research suggests that it may indicate a higher level of intelligence.



It’s a little embarrassing if you’re caught out talking to yourself right? Scientists at Bangor University in the UK found talking to yourself out loud is not only be helpful but may indicate a higher level of intelligence.



Beyond motivational self-talk, talking to yourself out loud in an instructional way can speed up cognitive abilities in relation to problem-solving and task performance.



Paloma Mari-Beffa of Bangor University says our inner talk serves to control ourselves by helping us organize our thoughts, plan actions, consolidate memory, and modulate emotions.


Dr. Mari-Beffa points out:

"The stereotype of the mad scientist talking to themselves, lost in their own inner world, might reflect the reality of a genius who uses all the means at their disposal to increase their brain power."

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