Teen Bullied At Old School Transfers To New One, Classmates Teach Him The Real Meaning Behind True Friendship

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 29th February 2020

When you can spread kindness and love in this world than why go through all this hate? This is the question this Tennesse teenager wants to ask you. Read the touching story of Azzy Robinson and his new friends at LaVergne High School.



One social issue that we most commonly hear these days is bullying. If you have a school going child than you might be well aware of this term. Every day we hear heartbreaking stories, read articles but have we found any solution to tackle this disturbing issue?

Bullying can happen anywhere. Be it an office place or it can be schools too. But most disturbing it is when young kids in schools become so heartless and find pleasure in it. The age where they should be learning and practicing empathy, they resort to bullying and making one's life difficult to the point that the affected kid goes through depression and in severe cases even thinks about ending his own life? These real-life stories force us to ponder, where being an adult we have started to lack that kids resort to such scary means of torturing others?



Here is the story of a Tennessee teenager, Azzy Robinson. Tired of getting bullied every day, Azzy decided to switch schools. Talking about his bullying experience, Azzy told Inside Edition, “[It] made me feel like I was worthless and didn’t really mean anything to anyone.”



According to Azzy's mom, her son because reclusive and because of his depression he started to sleep a lot. Luckily his transfer to LaVergne High School in 2019 made all the difference in his life.

Seeing his kind and generous personality, Azzy's new classmates immediately wanted to be friends with him.

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