Teen Girl Gets Accepted Into 113 Colleges, Offered Scholarship Worth $4.5m

Posted by Sama in Amazing On 8th May 2018

Being a high school student, one of the biggest dreams of any teenager is to get accepted into their dream college. So what happens when you get selected into not one but hundreds of colleges and are offered a scholarship worth millions. For Jasmine Harrison, it's like a dream come true, a dream for which she and her mother have worked hard for to make it come true.


#1 North Carolina Teenager Gets Accepted Into 113 Colleges

Jasmine Harrison, a 17-year-old North Carolinian recently announced she had been accepted into 113 colleges. Talking to the news station, Harrison said, "When I got the first couple in the mail, I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is really happening,’ I didn’t really think I’d be able to do that by myself."


#2 The High School Senior Has Also Bagged Generous Scholarship Offer From These Schools

Not only was Harrison awarded admission into hundreds of colleges but the teen is also offered over $4.5m scholarship. Harrison will soon be graduating from high school this month with a perfect GPA and a bag full of college acceptance letters with millions of dollars scholarship. Talk about a dream coming true!


#3 The Total Cost To Apply For All These Schools Was $135

After hearing the news of Harrison's achievement many people also inquired the teenager about the total cost of applying to all these schools. However, according to WFMY-TV, Harrison took advantage of common applications and a special opportunity in North Carolina to effectively circumvent those high costs. The cost to apply to all those schools was only $135, thanks to her mom and teacher for their help in filling out these forms.

The teenager also applied to 50 historically black colleges and universities via the Common Black College Application.

#4 It Was A Bumpy Ride For Both Harrison And Her Mother

However, the ride of applying to all those colleges was definitely not an easy ride for Harrison and her mom. The teenager confided, "On those late nights when I was filling out those applications with my mom and we just felt like we cannot do this, we just ended up singing gospel songs together to get through the night."


#5 Congratulations, You Go Girl!

Reportedly, Harrison didn't get into every school she applied to. The high school senior was rejected by Seton Hall University and the University of South Carolina. Harrison has picked Bennett College in Greensboro, it is one of the three schools that were offering her full scholarship.