Teen Mom, Pregnant At 13 Proves Her Bullies Wrong, Completes High School And Takes Her Toddler To Prom

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 31st July 2018

Kayleigh Snaith was in for a big surprise when she became pregnant at 13. Worried how her parents will react to the news Snaith hid the news from her parents for the initial 6 months. When the news of her pregnancy reached her parents, Snaith's parents stood by their daughter's side and gave her strength and courage to cope with not only her tough pregnancy but also taught her ways to deal with the bullies who gave Snaith rough time regarding her pregnancy. Now nearing the end of her high school education and having a beautiful baby girl by her side, Snaith wants to give an important message to all the young moms out there.


#1 Kayleigh Snaith Became Pregnant At 13

Kayleigh Danielle Molloy Snaith, a teenager from the UK had a rough time during her teenage years. Snaith was already having a tough time dealing with her unexpected pregnancy at the age of 13 and the people in her surroundings including teachers, friends and classmates didn't make things any easier and Snaith was constantly shamed by people for getting pregnant at 13 and was even told by some that she 'has ruined her life' and that she was disgusting.


#2 Snaith Was Shunned By The Society And Was Shamed By Her Classmates And Teachers

Imagine what a 13-year old must have gone through when she was shunned in such a cruel way by people who told her that she will be a high school dropout and has most likely destroyed her future. The time when needed support the most from the society the society shutted her down.


#3 Snaith With Her Determination Proved The Bullies Wrong

This was the time that Snaith decided to prove the haters wrong and no matter how tough it was, continued with her education. Now at 16, Snaith is a proud mother of a 2-year old toddler and has given a shut up call to all the bullies by taking her daughter along with herself on her prom.

#4 Snaith Successfully Cleared All Her Courses

Snaith with her will and motivation has proven that when you work hard for something, nothing can hold you back and all while giving birth to her child and taking care of her baby Harley, Snaith cleared 7 GCSE courses living with her parents in Stanley, Co Durham.

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