Teen Warns Others After Breaking Neck Doing Viral Tiktok Challenge

By Editorial Staff in Fails On 30th August 2022

After breaking her neck in a TikTok challenge, a teen has warned others about the risks of the challenge.

Sarah Platt, from Banbury, was 16 when she undertook the 'skull breaker' challenge at a hockey competition with her friends.

The main idea behind the stunt is that someone jumps into the air, and then their friends kick their legs out from under them, sending them flat on their back. While Sarah's pals were unhurt, she lost feeling in her left leg and was driven to the hospital after landing on her head.

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Doctors discovered that she had fractured multiple bones in her neck, including her T5 vertebrae. Sarah recovered from her wounds and was able to walk again, but she now has a disease called postural tachycardia syndrome, that causes her to collapse. Sarah stated two years after the disaster: "It was just a trend that was around at the time.

Phil Harris

"We thought making the TikTok would be fun and funny but I didn’t really want to take part because I just didn’t want to get hurt. But it was a little bit of peer pressure."

She is now alerting others about the dangers of participating in the viral dare. "I want to try and make people more aware not to do it because it could end in someone getting hurt," said the 18-year-old.

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Sarah's mother, Jane Platt, expressed her relief that her daughter was safe and quite well.

She added: "We were one of the lucky ones. She’s alive and walking – thank god – but we are obviously having to deal with something else as a result."

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The warning comes after Archie Battersbee's mother revealed that the online challenge that led to his murder also took the lives of 82 children.

Archie was in a coma for more than four months after being discovered with a ligature around his neck at his home. His life support was turned off after a lengthy court battle by his mother, Hollie Dance, to keep him alive.

Hollie Dance

She told the Daily Mail that social media corporations must address the fatal threat. She stated to the publication: "The social media companies don’t do enough to stop harmful content online.

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"It’s out there and people are grooming our children to do these challenges, it’s disgusting. The people – they’re often adults, not children – who are demonstrating these challenges are sick."

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