Teen With Down Syndrome Cries After Being Named Homecoming Queen

By Haider Ali in Feel Good On 21st October 2023

After being named the homecoming queen of her school, a teenager was taken aback.

When the East Forsyth High School student body's results were announced, Emma Wright couldn't contain her excitement and amazement.

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Fox 8

She was competing for the coveted prize alongside about a dozen other girls.

On the football field at the school, the contenders assembled and bided their time until the big reveal.

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Video footage of the 18-year-old's name being read aloud at the ceremony in Kernersville, North Carolina, has surfaced.

She instantly pressed her palms to her face and began to cry.

Fox 8

"So amazing," she said. "I started crying as soon as they read out my name."

Her father was going with her to the function, and he told WXII12 that he was crying too.

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"We had no idea, it's something that you prepare for," he told the local outlet.

"Just getting dressed, getting all the things done and we are so thankful to be a part of the East Forsyth family and so excited for Emma and the opportunity they gave her tonight."

Fox 8

At East Forsyth High School, where the 18-year-old is well-liked, principal Rusty Hall says it's incredible how the student body came around to support her.

"We call her our dancer. You can see her dancing in the cafeteria, and the hallways, she's loved by the entire student body," Principal Hall explained to Fox 8.

"It's what we try to push here. Everybody is included, everybody's voice matters regardless of your background, your life before you got here.”

"Once you're here you're family. And we appreciate the contributions of all of our students and tonight was a perfect example."

He claimed that the fact that all of this occurred in October, which is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, made it even more amazing.

The cheerleader from the high school is determined to enroll in Cullowhee's Western Carolina University the following year.

The Daily Mail reports that she intends to launch her own ice cream and bakery after that.

Fox 8

Emma's journey, from her touching homecoming moment to her ambitious future plans, inspires us to believe in ourselves and follow our passions.

Her story demonstrates the strength of resilience, the spark of hope, and the endless possibilities that come with daring to dream.

Emma's achievements show that with determination and the support of those around us, we can turn our dreams into reality.