Teenage Son Fulfils Mom's Last Wish By Arranging His High School Graduation At The Hospital Chapel

Posted by Sama in Heartbreaking On 21st May 2018

#1 Stephanie Wanted To Be A Part Of Her Son's Graduation Ceremony

Life does not go on forever and death is a bitter reality. For Stephanie, this bitter reality was going to come true a bit earlier than it should. Like every other parent, Stephanie wanted to be a part of every important event of her children's lives. Stephanie Northcott was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which is a genetically linked disease, Lynch syndrome. The young mom was diagnosed with the rare form of this disease in 2015 and she was informed by her doctors that her time is running out.


#2 Stephanie Lost Her Daughter To The Same Disease

Stephanie lost her daughter to the same disease and with her only son left, she didn't want to miss out on his life. And like a parent of every other teenager, her biggest wish was to see her son's high school graduation ceremony. Her son Dalton was a senior at Hall High School in Knoxville— 200 miles away from Memphis Baptist East hospital, where his mother was being monitored.


#3 Dalton Was Set On Making His Mother's Last Wish Come True

Unfortunately for Stephanie, she could not be transferred to Knoxville to experience the ceremony. But Dalton was set on making his mother's last wish come true. So in order to make the dream come true, Dalton made a plan with help from friends, family and hospital staff and with everyone's help the teenager brought the graduation ceremony to the hospital's chapel.

#4 Dalton Along With His 20 Friends Graduated Infront Of Stephanie In The Hospital's Chapel

On the night of the big day, Dalton set out to make the plan come true and along with his 20 friends who also wanted to graduate with Dalton to pay their last respects to Stephanie gathered together in the hospital chapel wearing their robes and hats. Stephanie was surrounded by students, football players, teachers, school staff, teachers and family all their to support Stephanie and make her last wish most memorable for her.


#5 Dalton's Step-Mother Live Streamed The Whole Event On Facebook

Hall High principal Suzanne Keef led the ceremony, while Julie Northcott, Dalton’s stepmother, live streamed the event to Facebook, where it has since gone viral. In the video, Dalton could be seen walking down the aisle wearing his robe and cap, with traditional graduation music playing in the background. The principal in an emotional voice could be heard in the background, presenting Dalton with his graduation certificate.

The principal in her short speech announced, "As you can see, this is a very special place, and this is a very special man. So by the authority given to me by the department of education and the state of Tennessee, I pronounce Dalton Christopher Jackson a graduate of the class of 2018."

#6 Stephanie Cheered Up On Her Son With Tears In Her Eyes

Hearing the happy news, Stephanie cheers up on her son, she tells her son, "You can do anything you put your mind to,” she tells her son. “Don’t ever forget that." Stephanie's family have set up a gofundme account to help pay the family for the funeral costs.

#7 Our Condolences To Dalton And Other Family Members Of Northcott Family