Teenager Develops Rape-Proof Underwear With Built-In Lock, Camera, And GPS

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Science and Technology On 26th January 2018

An Indian girl has developed what she claims are rape-proof underwear featuring a lock, a GPS alert for police and a video camera to record an attacker's face.


The rate of reporting, prosecuting and convicting for rape varies between jurisdictions.

Internationally, the incidence of rapes recorded by the police during 2008 ranged, per 100,000 people, from 0.2 in Azerbaijan to 92.9 in Botswana with 6.3 in Lithuania as the median.

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Rape by strangers is usually less common than rape by persons the victim knows.

Male-on-male and female-on-female prison rapes are common and may be the least reported forms of rape.


People who have been raped can be traumatized and develop a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Serious injuries can result along with the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. A person may face violence or threats from the rapist, and, in some cultures, from the victim's family and relatives.


Rape also happens to be the fourth common crime in the country and most of the cases go unreported

With the alarming rape statistics, one young girl decided to step up and help women protect themselves from attackers.

Seenu Kumari spent less than £50 in creating the pants which come with an emergency call button and a combination lock.

The pink garment, which the teenager is hoping to take to the wider market, is also bulletproof and cannot be cut by a knife.

The installed GPS will help in alerting the police officers and the family about the girl’s location

A call can easily be made with just one click. The underwear will have a combination lock which will only unlock with the set passcode.

In most of the cases, the rapists are not identified, and thus, not arrested.

However, in this device, the camera will capture the image of the culprit, which will help with the identification of the rapist during investigations.

Videos depicting real-life rape scenes sell for a few bucks at markets in Uttar Pradesh.

Despite new laws implemented to stop rape and encourage women to report instances of sexual assault, Indian law enforcement often fails to enforce these protections. Nationwide, only about a quarter of all rape cases result in a conviction.


Seenu's prototype has yet to receive a patent after being sent to the National Innovation Foundation in Allahabad.

The young inventor said her creation only needs a better quality of clothing and equipment before it can be fully ready to be marketed to the public.

Seenu says that women do not need to wear the 'rape-proof underwear' all the time, and can wear it only when traveling alone.