Teen’s Single Tweet Empowered Disable Father To Start His Own Business

Posted by Sughra Hafeez in Feel Good

A teen's post that went viral on Twitter, unexpectedly helped her disabled father to establish his own business.


Spinal cord damage

Christopher Gonzales, 39, divorced dad suffers from spinal cord damage that resulted in five bulging discs and five herniated discs. He left his construction career after the injuries.

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Not able to work

He is not able to work after the painful injuries. His only source of income is disability checks.



After injuries, Christopher explored various new hobbies to keep himself busy. His hobbies include painting drawing and took more interest in woodworking.


Making logos

Christopher began making logos for different sports teams in his garage. One single logo took nine hours to complete.

Shared sample on social media

Christopher asked his 17-year-old daughter Alexis, who was active on social media, to share his work sample on social media if any of her friends wanted to buy them.

Christopher said: "I told my daughter to put it on Instagram and see who wants it and give it to them."

Alexis shares her father designed logo on social media along with the caption:

"So my dad is disabled and is trying to make a little extra money because he makes so little. He makes wood carvings I’m his free time, and he can make them any size, for anything (not just team logos). Even if you don’t like them an RT will help spread the word."

Tweet went viral

Her tweet went viral and has received 212,526 retweets and 210,314 likes. Alexis said: "The next morning after I posted it, I woke up to close to 7,000 DMs."

Many users inquire about purchasing a customized carving.

One use asked: "What’s the email for a serious inquiry? I’d like more info on rates and timeline."


'I won’t become a millionaire. I’m probably not buying a Rolls Royce.'

Christopher told BuzzFeed News, "I would say I’m not gonna get rich from it — I won’t become a millionaire. I’m probably not buying a Rolls Royce. But I’m pretty happy. I might have money to go out to dinner every weekend. Is my car going to be empty of gas? Probably not. Am I gonna be watching a football game and have something extra for celery? Probably."

She wrote on Twitter:

"THANK YOU to everyone for all the love and support! it’s really heartwarming how fast this blew up and how many people are so willing to support. We appreciate it so much."

Alexi's father is now making as much as his disability checks.