Ten Egg Cooking Hacks That Everybody Should Know

By Missy aka Tizzy in Food On 17th February 2018

Waffle Omelettes

Dying to have an omelet but your frying pan sucks? Grab out that waffle iron that has been collecting dust, spray it down with cooking spray, and pour in your eggs mixes with your ingredients. Sure, it is not conventional, but it definitely works.


Heart-shaped eggs

Looking for a sweet way to treat the love of your life when bringing breakfast in bed? Try out these heart-shaped eggs. They are super easy, and your partner will love you more for putting in the time to make them something special.

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Broken eggshells in your bowl?

Don't you just hate when you crack an egg and get pieces of eggshell in your bowl? Instead of digging around with your fingers, use half an eggshell to pick up the broken pieces out of your bowl. It is much easier and more sanitary than using your fingers.


Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs

Did you know that you can make scrambled hard-boiled eggs? This video shows you how, and it is super easy. This hack is perfect if you have picky eaters who don't like the white part of the hard-boiled egg.

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Use a water bottle to separate your eggs.

Separating your eggs can be a pain. Juggling the yolk back and forth between two halves of a broken egg can lead to disaster. I cannot tell you how many time I accidentally broke my yolk while moving them back and forth. Now, you can just break all of your eggs into a bowl and use a water bottle to suck up the yolks...easy peasy!

Eggs in toast

This is one of my all time favorite breakfast treats. You cut out the center of your bread with a cookie cutter or the rim of a juice glass. Either butter your pan super well or butter the edges of the bread like you would a grilled cheese. Then, crack your egg in the middle. Be sure to not waste your cut out by grilling those pieces in the pan as well.


Long Eggs

While this is not a super quick process, it is a really cool idea. You can make long eggs from home using items found in most kitchens. Think of how cool these will look at your next party.

Freeze them in ice trays.

Were eggs on sale in your store, so you stocked up? Perhaps, you went a bit overboard and now you are worried about your eggs going bad. Grab some old icetrays, crack open your eggs, and freeze them. You can even separate your whites from the yolks before sticking them in the freezer.


Are your eggs still fresh?

If you are not too sure about the freshness of your eggs, try this. Grab a wide, tall glass and place your egg inside. If it floats to the top, toss it out. If it floats near the middle or goes to the bottom, they are still good to eat. The one on the bottom is the freshest, though.


Egg Muffins

This is a personal favorite. It makes it easy for you to take your eggs on the go. Spray down your muffin pan with cooking spray. Then, you can crack in your eggs and drop them inside. Or, you can whisk them in a bowl first, then you can pour them in the muffin pan. I like to add cheese, bacon bits, or crumbled sausage to mine. Then you can bake them for 10-15 minutes at 350.