Ten Egg Cooking Hacks That Everybody Should Know

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Food On 17th February 2018

Almost everybody has eggs in their refrigerator. Whether you cook them up for breakfast or use them in recipes, eggs are a staple in just about everyone's kitchen. You probably thought you knew everything there is to know about using and cooking with eggs, but we found some neat tricks that most people would not even have thought of. Check them out!

Waffle Omelettes

Dying to have an omelet but your frying pan sucks? Grab out that waffle iron that has been collecting dust, spray it down with cooking spray, and pour in your eggs mixes with your ingredients. Sure, it is not conventional, but it definitely works.


Heart-shaped eggs

Looking for a sweet way to treat the love of your life when bringing breakfast in bed? Try out these heart-shaped eggs. They are super easy, and your partner will love you more for putting in the time to make them something special.

Broken eggshells in your bowl?

Don't you just hate when you crack an egg and get pieces of eggshell in your bowl? Instead of digging around with your fingers, use half an eggshell to pick up the broken pieces out of your bowl. It is much easier and more sanitary than using your fingers.


Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs

Did you know that you can make scrambled hard-boiled eggs? This video shows you how, and it is super easy. This hack is perfect if you have picky eaters who don't like the white part of the hard-boiled egg.

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