Ten Foods We Absolutely Hated As Kids

By Missy aka Tizzy in Food On 6th February 2018

Brussels sprouts

Most of us can faintly remember our parents trying to force brussels sprouts on us as kids. We were totally convinced that this devil was not real food whether our parents tried to give them to us raw or cooked. They really made broccoli seem delicious.


Weird toppings on pizza

Pizza was life when we were kids, but we knew that a real pizza was covered in pepperoni or sausage. What were our parents thinking when they tried to serve it to use with olives, mushrooms, or other vegetables as toppings? It was so bad when we would take a bite only to find veggies hidden under the cheese.

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Non-deep fried seafood

Unless popcorn shrimp or fish sticks were on the menu, we wanted nothing to do with fish. What were our parents thinking when they tried to serve us things like baked or grilled fish. It was just unthinkable and totally gag-worthy.


Certain Cheeses

As kids, we loved cheese, but you have to be specific as to what cheese you loved otherwise your parents were trying to sneak in things like cottage cheese and blue cheese when we were not paying attention. We preferred our cheese slices fresh from their individual plastic wrappers or in the form of a string cheese, nothing else would fly.

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The only thing that asparagus was good for, as kids, was sword fighting. Other than that, we wanted nothing to do with these disgusting green sticks from hell. Kids don't want to eat things that look like mini trees, and they were really bitter.


It is so weird to see people so obsessed with these things nowadays. As kids, we did not even have the courage to touch them let along eat them. Sure we liked guacamole, but if we saw how it was made, we would probably have run away screaming.


Eggplant, zucchini, okra and anything weird like it

Let's just be honest, kids do not like vegetables, period. However, these kinds of vegetables are on a whole other level of what disgusted us as kids than simple vegetables like green beans and peas. Stuff like eggplant and okra were just mushy and gross while zucchini looked like cucumbers that went bad.

Dark chocolate

This was probably the evilest trick in our parent's arsenal. Remember thinking you were getting a treat when your parents would slip you a piece of this chocolate only to have your tastebuds cringe at the bitterness? It was a cruel, cruel trick that we will never forget.


Spicy food

We cannot understand the point of eating some foods if you cannot really enjoy it. There was nothing more devastating than a beautiful plate of food betraying you when it turned out to be spicy. I mean, seriously, if we wanted to sweat, we would have gone out and ran around with our friends.


Delicious food smacked between whole wheat bread

Moms always tried to trick us into eating healthy by putting our favorite foods between two slices of wheat bread instead of the sweet deliciousness of white bread. If this was packed in our lunch boxes, we would dump the sandwich and starve the rest of the day until dinner time in order to avoid wheat bread.

Which food do you remember hating when you were a kid?