Ten Foods We Absolutely Hated As Kids

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Food On 6th February 2018

Most of us were picky eaters as kids. We ate foods that we loved like sweets and salty snacks and practically spit out anything that was healthy for us. Here is a look back at the foods we truly hated as kids but likely eat now as adults.

Brussels sprouts

Most of us can faintly remember our parents trying to force brussels sprouts on us as kids. We were totally convinced that this devil was not real food whether our parents tried to give them to us raw or cooked. They really made broccoli seem delicious.


Weird toppings on pizza

Pizza was life when we were kids, but we knew that a real pizza was covered in pepperoni or sausage. What were our parents thinking when they tried to serve it to use with olives, mushrooms, or other vegetables as toppings? It was so bad when we would take a bite only to find veggies hidden under the cheese.

Non-deep fried seafood

Unless popcorn shrimp or fish sticks were on the menu, we wanted nothing to do with fish. What were our parents thinking when they tried to serve us things like baked or grilled fish. It was just unthinkable and totally gag-worthy.


Certain Cheeses

As kids, we loved cheese, but you have to be specific as to what cheese you loved otherwise your parents were trying to sneak in things like cottage cheese and blue cheese when we were not paying attention. We preferred our cheese slices fresh from their individual plastic wrappers or in the form of a string cheese, nothing else would fly.

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