Ten Must-Have Gadgets For Your Bathroom That You Didn't Know You Needed Until Now

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Science and Technology On 30th March 2018

When you think about gadgets for your home, you usually think about kitchen items. However, there are a ton of gadgets that are made specifically for the most-used room in your home, your bathroom. Here is a list of our top picks that will make your life much easier.


Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holders

Many people just leave their toothbrushes in a cup where they can touch other toothbrushes, and if you think about that, it is pretty gross. The idea of toothbrush heads touching is bad enough, but you are also exposing your toothbrushes to fecal matter every time you flush the toilet. This set up with keep your toothbrushes separated and protected against flying fecal matter. Next to it is an automatic toothpaste dispenser which is really helpful if you have kids who always leave your toothpaste a mess. To top it all off, these items are wall-mounted leaving your counter space clear of clutter.


Soap Holder

I am not a fan of bar soap for washing up after using the bathroom. Most soap dishes get pretty gross. You put the wet soap in it, and water puddles under the soap leaving it slimy for the next person. This soap holder mounts over the side of your sink allowing the water to drain off instead of settling in the dish.


Motion Sensor Soap Dispenser

If you are not a fan of bar soap, you probably use liquid soap to wash your hands. However, have you ever thought of how many germs are on the tops of the dispenser? People touch it right after using the bathroom, so it can be nasty even if you are just washing it off. Do you still want to touch that? Probably not, now that you have thought about it. We recommend a sensor activated dispenser. They are affordable and cut down on the nasties.

Phone Shelf

It is always awkward trying to find a safe place to set your phone when using the bathroom. The sink might be wet, the back of the toilet might not be safe, and you certainly do not want to put it in your pocket and risk it falling into the toilet. A little shelf like this might be just what you need.


Toothpaste Roller

This cheap little gadget is super helpful especially if you have kids. This can roll up the tube so that you get every drop of toothpaste possible from the tube. Plus, it can attach to the wall or mirror, so it frees up some counter space.

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