Ten Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets That Nobody Should Live Without

By Missy aka Tizzy in Food On 19th February 2018

Air Fryer

According to Wikipedia, an air fryer works by circulating super hot air that makes your food get an extra crispy outer layer. This gives the same effect submerging your food in hot grease but without all of the downsides of eating and preparing fried foods. They are very convenient to own and the food prepared inside is much healthier for you to consume.


Crock Pot

This gadget is nothing new. In fact, we can bet that most of you reading this already have one of these in your kitchen. If you do not, then you definitely need to grab one. They are great for those who do not have much time for cooking in the evenings. You can prepare your food before bed or in the morning, and set the pot to cook all day while you are at work or running errands.

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Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is right along the same lines as the crock pot, but it cooks everything much faster. Plus, it is a lot safer to use than a normal pressure cooker. My favorite thing to cook in the instant pot is whole chicken. I can have the meat falling off of the bones in just 30 minutes. It is also great if you planned a crock pot meal but forgot to get it going. You can cook the same meal in this in a fraction of the time using your Instant Pot.


Strawberry Huller

If you are lucky enough to find them as a set, a strawberry huller and slicer is ideal for any kitchen. The huller easily removes the stem, then the slicer gives you perfectly even slices that are great for making desserts. Your strawberry shortcake will look like it was made by a pro using these tools.

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Apple Slicer

This is one of those things that we might categorize as a "lazy" device, but I guarantee you that it definitely too handy to have in your kitchen. It is perfect for cutting up an apple to give as a treat to your little ones, however, we find it is best when making apple pie. You can core and have equal sizes of apple slices in your pie making it look perfect.

Mandolin Slicer

This tool is both dangerous and handy. That blade is seriously sharp, so please use caution when using it. I like to whip mine out to slice potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and other veggies. Most slicers come with different kinds of blades, so you can also do things like julienne your veggies. Having one of these will make your salads and veggie platters look fancy and store bought.


Veggie Spiralizer

This tool is a health nut's dream. If you are someone who has ditched the pasta from their diet, you totally need one of these. You can turn just about any vegetable into pasta with it. It is easy to use and easy to clean. We highly recommend it.

Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig coffee makers are all the rage, but they can be extremely pricey. The good thing is that other coffee maker brands also have their own single cup coffee makers too. This is especially great if you tend to forget your coffee pot is on and full for hours at a time causing it to turn into sludge. With a machine like this, you can make a cup as you need it in just a few minutes.


Fruit Infuser Pitcher

This is a great product for those who have given up sodas and are looking for tasty alternatives to plain water. You can fill the infuser with your favorite fruits and even vegetables and herbs. Mint and cucumber is very tasty as well as berries or lemons. You can even just refill the pitcher with water at least one more time if your fruits are still full of color.


Single Serve Smoothie Maker

Smoothies are all the rage, but too many of us end up wasting some because of using regular blenders. These single serve smoothie makers will save you money and are much more convenient to use especially if you are on the run. You mix your ingredients in the same container that you will drink out of, which also saves you on the amount of dishes that you have to clean up afterward.