Ten Ways To Organize Your Kid's Rooms

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Facts and DIY On 12th February 2018

Old Cans

If you are super handy with a saw, you can cut cans in half and attach them to a board mounted on a wall using a hot glue gun or gorilla glue. These make great storage for your kid's arts and craft and school supplies. The best thing is that you can also paint and label that cans to match the bedroom decor.



You can create a comfortable reading area for your kiddo just by using rain gutters. They can be cut and mounted to the wall with screws. Then, you can spread their books inside the gutters. Add a throw rug and a big pillow to make the area comfortable.


Shelves with hiding bins

If your kids have a lot of small toys, use shelves with small bins to store them instead of just using a big toy box which could take up a lot of space. You can find these colorful bins in most Walmart and Target stores in all kinds of designs, so you can find one that best matches the bedrooms decor.


Hideaway Bunk Beds

If you are working with a small space, hideaway bunk beds might be just what you need. They are especially handy if you have an oddly shaped space with an alcove. The beds can be built right inside. Then, you can mask the beds with a curtain.


Bookshelves are always handy especially since you can also store larger toys on them. A set-up like this one is perfect for storing books, larger toys, board games, and knick-knacks. Another great thing is that plain shelves can easily be decorated to add a little fun to the space.

Utilize all closet space

People never seem to use all of their closet space. This is a perfect example of how to be sure to use all of the space especially if the room is small. If you have a baby or a small child, you can skip getting them a dresser and use those plastic organizers and bins for their clothes you would normally put in a dresser. The bins up top are great for storing things like diapers and hair bows, among other things.

Storage Cabinets

This is a great look for those who prefer a minimalist feel to their space. You can store anything from toys to arts and crafts supplies in these cabinets. The built-in table top gives them a space to sit and create.

Under Bed Drawers

If the bedroom is super small, we suggest getting a bed that has built-in drawers. This way, you can skip buying a dresser altogether. Even if you have a bigger space, drawers like that are great for storing toys and shoes.


Nerf Gun Racks

Any of you who have kids that have Nerf guns know that they take up a ton of space. You can easily build a wall rack and mount them on the wall instead of having them take up space in a toy box. Attach little plastic bins to the bottom of the rack to store all of the Nerf bullets.

PVC Pipe for Hot Wheels

While Hot Wheels does have a variety of their own trademarked storage containers from boxes to walling hanging organizer, they are not as cool as storing them this way. You can cut up some PVC pipe, paint the pieces if you like to match the room, and mount the pieces to the wall.