Tennesse Man Buys 17,000 Bottles Of Sanitizers To Sell At Higher Prices, Now He Is Stuck With The Inventory As He Has Nowhere To Sell Them

Posted by Sama in News On 17th March 2020


“It’s been a huge amount of whiplash,” he told the New York Times. “From being in a situation where what I’ve got coming and going could potentially put my family in a really good place financially to ‘What the heck am I going to do with all of this?’”

Data compiled by the New York Times showed that both Amazon and third-party sellers successfully sold items at increased prices, with customers seeking to purchase the items in large amounts, prior to the website changing guidelines for coronavirus related items.



Facing horrible backlash on social media the man along with his brother faces legal trouble after their local General Attorney stepped in to investigate price gauging and reportedly forced the brothers to donate boxes of the vital supplies to a local church.

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