Tennesse Teenager Slays Her New Shaved Look And Comes Up With A Savage Response For Her Bullies

Posted by Sama in Feel Good On 3rd February 2018

Lauren Williams was bullied viciously at school for wearing a wig because of a medical condition and her video was uploaded to social media. Enraged by the humiliating incident, Lauren's mom and sister took to social media to bash the bullies and call them out for their unacceptable behavior. In response to the horrifying incident, Lauren has shaved her head bald and now the teenager says she feels much in control over her bullies and feels like she has found peace and feel free.

#1 Feels Free By Shaving Her Head

Lauren Williams, 16-year old Tennesse girl was mercilessly bullied at school for wearing a wig which everyone kept pulling it off and made it a plaything. To get back to her bullies, the teenager has now shaved her head bald and claps back at her bullies in the perfect response. Lauren also known as Lulu says, by doing so she has gained back control from her bullies and now feels free.


#2 Eczema And Psoriasis

Lauren who is a student of Franklin High School in Williamson County has suffered from eczema and psoriasis since a young age and the condition has left her with dry bald patches on her head because of which she started wearing a wig to cover those patches.

#3 Heartlessly Making Fun Of Her Condition

Not feeling beautiful enough, Lauren started covering her head to hide her condition at school. But her bullies at school didn't spare her new look and made her wig a plaything, throwing it around everywhere. The unfortunate incident was even captured on camera by some of the bullies who later shared the video on Snapchat.

Talking to a news channel, Lauren said, "I’ve never told anyone [about the condition] because I was embarrassed by it and I felt like I’m not as beautiful as all these other girls because my hair is like this."


#4 Capturing The Bullying On Camera

In response to her wig snatching incident, Lauren says she was so embarrassed that she tried to hide her head with her hands and ran away to the washroom. She says, "I immediately held my head and ran to the bathroom." But the humiliation did not end here and the bullies followed her to the stall room, forcefully capturing her reaction on camera. "I ran to the stall and could hear people laughing like seeing them."

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