Terrifying Stories Of People Whose Skeletal Remains Were Found Years After Their Death

By Sughra Hafeez in Geeks and Gaming On 4th October 2015

#1 A women in her late thirties was undiscovered for 3 years.

On January 24, 2006 Joyce Vincent 's decomposing body was discovered 3 years after she died. She was a 38-year old woman and lived in north London. She was on her sofa where a few Christmas gifts and dishes were undone. Her body was so destroyed that it was almost impossible to make ou

#2 Croatian women found dead in of the front of Her TV after 42 years.

She made herself a cup of tea and sat down to watch her TV program. Hedviga Golik was born in 1924 and she was last spotted by her neighbours in 1966. She was found by the local police when they broke in the property in an endeavor to find the owner of the property. They said that it was as if they stepped in a frozen time zone. The cup of tea, all her other things were untouched for decades.

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#3 Mummified Body of an author found a year after her death.

A house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, mummified remains of an author, activist and teacher were discovered. Neighbours and family identified it as the body of Barbara Salinas- Norman who was 70 years old. She was once an important child author, writing stories for her own publication to educate Mexican-American children about their culture. Louis Ponce, his brother discovered her in the house. It was more than 2 years since he last heard from her.

#4 This Man Was Dead For More Than 2 Years And No One Knew.

Simon Allen was a loner. He lived in a flat in Brighton, East Sussex. He was found dead beside his armchair wearing nothing but a pair of socks. There was no confirmation about the reason as to how he died. They say that he dies in December 2010 and his body was discovered 2 years later by the cleaners.

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#5 A stingy Old Women Dead For Almost 3 years In her House.

Geneva Chambers was not a warm women. She lived in Florida and would always ask people and kids to stay off her property. When the neighbours didn't see her, they thought that she probably left the house though her lawn was always maintained by people without even knowing that she was dead. Later a landscaper discovered her.

#6 A man discovered four years after he committed suicide.

The disturbing skeletal remains of David Carter were found in his house. He had a bullet wound on his head and a gun on his head. His friends described him a happy man, nobody knows as to why he committed suicide. He was about to turn 45 on that day.

#7 An Elderly Man Discovered Dead In His Bed After 15 Years.

The body was discovered by the local police in the northern city of Lille, France. The body was found after 15 years. He was in his pyjamas and lived alone. His body was unidentified.

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#8 A man found Dead after 7 years with a pack of cigarettes and Television Guide.

This man was 59- year old and was unemployed at the time. He was found dead after 7 years on his bed, with a pack of cigarettes, television guide and some Dutch coins lying on the floor.

#9 An 80 year old woman found dead on the floor of her house after 8 years

This elderly Australian woman was a bit of a recluse. She had no family except a sister in law. Nataline Wood was found after 8 years of her death on the floor of her house.