Terrifying! The Story Mexican Women Whose Weight Increased To 275 Pounds With A 132 Pound Of Tumor

By Johny in Bizarre On 28th September 2015

#1 The Mexican Woman

The name of the woman is Mercedes Talamante and she lives in Mexico. The 51 year old woman just went through a horrific, painful and traumatizing experience when she gained close to 275 pounds. She thought that the weight gain process was a natural one which is associated with aging.

Ms Talamante also became depressed due to the weight gain and because of the change in her appearance and she stopped going out of her house because of the same reason.

Ms Talamante, 51, had become depressed because of her appearance and thought she had put on the weight because she was aging, but her daughter, Maria, convinced her she was sick.

The ovarian tumor grew for five years until it was almost half of her total body weight, with the Mexican woman barely able to move for the last 24 months.

#2 Meeting With Doctor

When Mercedes Talamante mysteriously doubled in weight, she thought it was just a sign she was getting old.

But after weeks of nagging from her daughter, she finally went to see a doctor - who found she actually had a 132lb tumor.

The huge growth, thought to be the largest tumor of its kind, had developed on the Mexican woman's ovaries and was almost half her weight.

Ms Talamante said at a press conference that she felt like she was 'walking on air' after the surgery

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#3 The immense weight gain

For the last 2 years or so, she weighed close to 275 pounds and it became very difficult for her to even move around the house and do the daily chores. This made her even more depressed and dependent on her daughter for help with work in the house.

Before the weight gain, Ms Talamante used to weigh a paltry 143 pounds and she tipped the scale at 275 pounds, until it became too painful for her to even move. This was the point when her daughter urged her to visit a hospital and see a doctor.

#4 Surgeons spent four hours operating on Ms Talamante, who almost doubled in weight when the tumour grew

Moises Aaron Nunez, the director of Cabo San Lucas hospital, in north-western Mexico, said operating on such massive ovarian tumor was unheard of.

He said: 'We could not find any example of an ovarian tumor this big. There was no precedent anywhere in the world.'

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#5 The huge 132lb tumour - the largest ovarian growth ever - was removed from Mercedes Talamante

When they checked her belly using an ultrasound, the doctors got the shock of their life when they discovered the reason for her weight gain in recent years. The ultrasound and X-rays told the doctors that there was tumor growing in Ms Talamante's ovaries and stomach.

The shocking part was that the tumor had grown to weigh 132lbs in just over the course of 5 years or so. This was almost the same weight as Ms Talamante before the tumor started to grow. Ms Talamante was operated upon for 4 hours by Dr. Gilberto Influenza and his surgical team and they were successful in removing the tumor without harming her.