Texas Football Player Leaves Internet In Disbelief Over His Real Age

By Zainab Pervez in Sports On 16th December 2022

A football player has left social media users in utter disbelief after his real age was revealed online. His photo prompted dozens of users to insist there is 'no way' he is as young as he claims to be. 


Jeremiah Johnson, from Fort Worth, Texas, won an MVP honors award at the Youth National Championships in Miami. However, instead of his achievement, his age has gone viral over the internet making people doubt his age.

After a picture of the young footballer sporting a mustache went viral on Twitter and Instagram, social media users were left stunned to learn how old Jeremiah actually is. Can anyone guess the young running back's real age?

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While many internet users guessed anywhere between 20 and 35... Jeremiah revealed in a video online that he is just 12. 

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His revelation prompted an outpouring of disbelief, where many were left in an uproar, insisting that there is no way someone who looks as mature as he does could be so young.  


Not only did the photo of the running back show him holding his trophy, it also showed what appeared to be a tattoo on his right arm. This sparked even more doubt among users. 

One TikTok user posting under the name @hoodnews24 shared what appears to be a video from the championships, in which Jeremiah can be seen holding his trophy - before going on to confirm his age to the stunned social media creator. 

'Hey man, I don't know, how old are you?' the TikTok user asks Jeremiah, who simply responds: '12.' 

'The boy is 12!' @hoodnews24 tells his followers in surprise, before adding that he would be outraged if the young player doesn't go straight to the NFL. 

'Yes sir, boy you're ready,' he added. 'You deserve it, you deserve it.' 

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Users said he 'couldn't be 12 with a Steve Harvey mustache', and added that he looked like he was from the hit movie '21 Jump Street.'


While a third joked: 'He was born on a leap year he good.'

'He may only be 12 years old, but that mustache says divorced at least twice,' commented one user. 


One user claimed there was 'zero chance' he is 12.


Others demanded to see his birth certificate, claiming it must be 'fake',


One user said: 'Mustache says grown man, biceps say 12 years old.'


Another was in such shock over Jeremiah's real age, they suggested the picture was photoshopped. 


And one user said that he looked like he 'had a mortgage.'


The 12-year-old went viral after winning an award at the 12U MVP honors award at the Youth National Championships.

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As social media users lose their minds over Jeremiah's actual age, his mom, Shana Evans, has been gushing over her 'baby' on Facebook. But even the mom's own friends can't believe her son is 12, as one user commented: 'That ain't no d**n baby.' 

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Despite the disbelief, one mom wrote that she remembered him when he was 10, and that he had a mustache then too. 

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