Texas Man Forced To Leave Restuarant Over His Anti-Trump Shirt, Gives Befitting Response To The Cops

Posted by Sama in News On 17th February 2018

Andy Ternay was requested to leave the restaurant and even cops were called upon the man over his anti-Trump shirt. However, standing firm over his stance Andy gives a befitting response to the cops and the manager of the restaurant and says, "I have gotten heartbreaking messages from African Americans saying they have lost faith in their white neighbors—they are no longer confident their neighbors have their back. My shirt was a reassurance they are not alone."

#1 Cops Called Upon Andy Over His Anti-Trump Shirt

Garland resident Andy Ternay had his lunch interrupted and was told to leave the restaurant over his anti-trump shirt. Customers in the restaurant were horrified at Andy's colorful choice of words against Trump on the shirt and called cops upon him in an attempt to have him removed.


#2 He Was Not Breaking Any Laws, So Why Was Police Involved In The Matter?

Andy was definitely not breaking any laws but apparently, people thought otherwise and thought it was necessary to involve Police in the matter. Andy's front side of shirt read "FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM," while the back read, "FUCK THE RACIST ALT-RIGHT."

#3 Andy Was Told By The Manager That His Shirt Is Causing Distress To The Customers

Andy amusingly narrated his story to the media, he said, "First, we were approached by a manager who let us know that customers were very distressed by my shirt and that children might see it. I expressed deep sympathies and let her know that explaining 'grab 'em by the pussy' and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant."

Andy says the manager had a point but it was not because of him that the customers were in the distressed state, "Customers were not happy, allegedly "suffering due to my indescribable poor taste."


#4 Andy Gave A Savage Response To The Cop Who Inquired About His Shirt

However, the most fun part lies where Andy gave a befitting response to a cop in the parking lot of the restaurant, Andy wrote, "I stop the car and ask the officer if she is there over a t-shirt. She affirms this to be true and asks my name which I respectfully decline to give; she starts in on the shirt—whereupon I cite Cohen v. California, 1971, in which the Supreme Court upheld the right to wear a t-shirt saying: 'FUCK THE DRAFT.' She's like: 'Just leave, okay?'"

The incident sparked a debate on Twitter, where many people sided with Andy. Samuel Wynn Warde tweeted, "This seems rather mild considering the things that Trump has been quoted as saying..."

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