Texas School Shooting Claims Life Of A 17-Year Old Pakistan Exchange Student Among 9 Others, Including One Teacher

Posted by Sama in News On 19th May 2018

Another day in the US where a mass shooting at a public school claim the lives of innocent people and yet the US Government is unable to take any action. According to CNN, it is reportedly the third school shooting in eight days in the US and the 22nd so far this year. Back in February, a shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 students sparked a debate over strict gun control laws in the US but it seems like all the talks were in vain as only two months later another sad incident has occurred in Texas, Santa Fe High School. This incident which claimed the lives of over 10 people, one of which includes an exchange student from Pakistan, 17-year old Sabika Sheikh who was supposed to return to her home country by the end of this month is reportedly labelled as the fourth-deadliest attack at a US public school in history. Texas Governor Greg Abbott refers the shooting as "one of the most heinous attacks that have been seen in the history of Texas schools."

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