The 13 Hollywood Hotties Who Walked Away From the Money, Fame And Power.

By Johny in Entertainment On 27th August 2015

#1 Jack Gleeson

The GoT star decided to distance himself from a career in acting. The talented temper tantrum thrower says that, while he enjoyed showbiz as a kid, as he got older it suited him less and turned out to be different to what he had expected. Fair enough. Instead, Gleeson is soon to finish his university studies.

#2 Amanda Bynes

Sure, she's been in the news in the last couple of years, but that's surely not out of choice. She's been hounded by the paps on account of her health issues, but Bynes actually has ambitious to be a fashion designer and is studying to achieve her goal. She has publicly stated that she doesn't want anything to do with Hollywood and judging by her absence from (voluntary) acting in films and TV, she's for real.

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#3 Kel Mitchell

Many fans of Kenan & Kel were distraught when they heard that Kel was dead. Thing is, he wasn't. But the fact the hoax was so widely believed tells you a lot about the (ex) comedian's rapid and almost absolute disappearance from showbiz. While his old co-star is a mainstay on stage and film, Kel is more focused today on his family and his faith.

#4 Sean Connery

Sean Connery is, of course, a legend of the screen. He, for many, is the James Bond. But by 2003 he was absolutely sick of Hollywood and the state of the industry. His last movie was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and he has sworn never to return. Our loss.

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#5 Joe Jonas

When The Jonas Brothers band broke up, Joe decided he wanted out of the spotlight. He instead chose to don a hardhat and a blue collar, becoming a contractor. You can actually see him doing his day job on an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when he does some work for one of them!

#6 Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is another screen legend who would eventually become disillusioned with acting and the film industry. He retired in 2004 and today finds happiness in expressing himself through his writings.

#7 Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was one of the defining actresses in film history. She was nominated for three Oscars, for both silent and "talkie" films. But she quickly tired of the attention and pressure, retiring at the age of 36 when a critic gave her a horrible review that she took very, very personally.

#8 Jonathan Taylor Thomas

After he conquered the hearts of a million girls in his cheeky role in Home Improvement, JTT would decide to give up acting to pursue his studies. He attended both Columbia and Harvard! He made a brief return for acting with Tim Allen in 2014.

#9 Phoebe Cates

There weren't many young men who could have resisted the charms of Phoebe Cates in her role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But she would disappear from the public eye in 1994 to raise her children with her actor husband Kevin Kline.

#10 Rick Moranis

Moranis gained a huge fan base for his quirky comic roles in films like Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Little Shop of Horrors, but after the tragic death of his wife in 1997, he left the business behind in order to spend time raising his children.

#11 Shirley Temple

She was America's sweetheart as a child star in the 1930's, but the world was less receptive to her as an adult actress. She tried her hand at a few films, but they never took off. Instead, she took topolitics! Temple worked for the UN amidst other causes.

#12 Dave Chappelle

The Chappelle Show was one of the biggest TV drawcards of the early noughts. However, Chappelle was frustrated by impositions put upon him by studios. He seemingly ‘fell off the face of the earth'. Eventually he showed up in South Africa. He then took a lengthy hiatus from Hollywood, with a recent return to the stand up scene in the States.

#13 Lark Voorhies

The Saved By The Bell actress retired soon after the show wrapped, deciding to instead focus upon the art of painting. She occasionally turns up at top Hollywood events, but she's still dedicated to becoming known for her paintings. Artiste!