The 16 Phases of Reading Manga

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 19th September 2015

#1. Deciding what to read

On-going or completed series? Print or digital? (Smut or Hentai?)

#2. You pick a series, or two, maybe three...

Good-bye free time

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#4. You fall in love with the art

The writing is pretty good too.

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#5. After reading a few chapters, you get sucked into the world

Bye social life, going on a magical adventure

#6. Your computer or phone background is based on your most recent manga

Gotta rep your favorite series somehow

#7. The series will become part of your life

It's like a slice of heaven

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#8. You see the word as if it's drawn be the mangaka

The world would be so much more magical if Azuma Kiyohiko drew it

#9. You have an internal struggle with the anime adaptation

It's kind of cool to see the manga animated, but how much will they cut out?

#10. You try mimicking the manga's art style when you draw

Actually, it's inspiration!

#11. You cry when a character's death is drawn

I refuse to acknowledge the existence of such a page

#12. Spoilers are your worst enemy

Not like I wanted the surprise deaths to be a secret in Akame ga Kill or anything

#13. You can't wait when it comes to monthly releases

Quivering intensifies

#14. Hiatuses are the bane of your existence

I must put our love on hiatus

#15. There is a bittersweet feeling when the series ends

It doesn't make the pain hurt any less

#16. You get to do it all again!

More time to read more manga, uguu!