The 17 Laws of Anime That Happen in Almost Every Series

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 17th September 2015

#1 Main male character must be clueless about female emotions.

#2 Token perverted friend.

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#4 If you are dying during a key battle, you need not to worry, for you will remember your most powerful attack.

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#5 Beware of the promised girl from childhood, for she will be a psycho

#6 Big, buff, muscley guy will have a soft side.

#8 Noses will bleed when aroused or excited.

#9 Wait, what are noses?

#10 Mother drank from the fountain of youth.

#11 Dad is really protective.

#12 I wouldn't know, my parents are always overseas.

#13 There is always a more powerful villain lurking in the shadows.

#14 You will kick major ass when your theme is playing

#15 You always have time to go to the beach

#16 Don't mind the filler, it's just non-canon side stories

#17 Not even Gintama knows the point of Gintama.