The 22 Most Ridiculously Weird Laws That Are Still In Effect In The USA

By Sughra Hafeez in Facts and DIY On 15th September 2015

#1 Mustache must not be a problem !

#2 Donate it if you wish !

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#4 Never ever !

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#5 Cause if you don't stop, law will stop you !

#6 Policemen got some tranquilizers in their mouth ?

#7 So, let's not brush.

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#8 No involuntary actions involved !

#9 What does age have to do with this ?

#10 Red is too bright

#11 Because for some unshaven woman is like an unplucked chicken. You can figure it out.

#12 Bears are meant to be teddy not to fight !

#13 eh?

#14 Vegetarian's day !

#15 Questions the whole existence of mouth-fresheners!

#16 Playboy must leave the town!

#17 She must not turn fat with your gift!

#18 Inform and commit !

#19 Seems legit!

#20 Don't sing shit !

Off-key is musical content that is not at the expected frequency or pitch period, either with respect to some absolute reference frequency, or in a ratiometric sense (i.e. through removal of exactly one degree of freedom, such as the frequency of a keynote), or pitch intervals not well-defined in the ratio of small whole numbers. The term may also refer to a person or situation being out of step with what is considered normal or appropriate.

#21 Oh, Snap!

#22 Never harass!