The 26 Best Moments From Jensen and Jared's Supernatural Bromance

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 12th October 2015


We've gotten so used to seeing Jensen Ackles's epic facial expressions and Jared Padalecki's swoon-worthy stares on Supernatural, sometimes it's easy to forget they have a whole separate life off screen. Recently, we took a look at pictures of Jensen through the years and all of Jared's adorable family photos, and as we dug up even more facts about Jensen, we realized the two are actually very close. Keep reading for a handful of their most adorable buddy moments.


When They Suited Up Together For the First Time

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When They Couldn't Even Hide Their Smiles From Each Other

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When There Was Just Too Much Beauty in One Photo to Handle


When They Both Were Rockin' That Scruff


When They Had an Adorable Day Jet Skiing


When They Were So Young but So Cute Together


When Jensen Gazed Lovingly at Jared


When They Weren't Afraid to Get Goofy Together


When They Both Got Just the Slightest Bit Sassy


When They Simultaneously Fangirled Over Arrow Star Stephen Amell


When They Stared Straight Through the Camera and Into Your Soul


When They Were Like, "Sup, Everyone"


When They Were Both on Their Marks


When They Were So Handsome and So Smiley


When They Took a Selfie on Set


When Jensen Shared This Epic #TBT Photo


When Jared Gave Jensen a Friendly Shoulder Pat


When They Really Soaked Up Their Quality Time


When They Cracked Up Together


When Jensen Complained About the "Growth" on His Shoulder


When They Were Totally Twinsies and They Were Proud of It


When Jensen Shared His Own Cute Premiere Pic


When They Got Competitive With a Game of Pool


When They Were Ready to Conquer the Beer Pong World