The 6 Types Of Body Fat And The Easiest Ways To Shed The Pounds

Posted by Michael Avery in Health and Fitness

Science has examined and proved and defined 6 types of obesity caused by various factors. Read this article and find which group you belong to, and how to solve the obesity problem:


#1 A Yorkshire health study classified 4,000 overweight individuals into 6 different groups.

(a) Young healthy females- Young women suffering from type 2 diabetes.

(b) Heavy-drinking males- Men consuming a large amount of alcohol and suffering from few obesity disorders such as type 2 diabetes.

(c) Dejected and anxious middle-aged- Mainly ladies with poor mental health and fitness.

(d) Rich and healthy aged- Generally those persons who are healthy but facing issues of liquor addiction and hypertension.

(e) Physically ill but cheerful elderly- Older people with a sound mental condition but suffering from chronic disorders such as degenerative joint disease.

(f) Poorest health- Destitute persons suffering from a number of chronic diseases.


#2 There are 2 main forms of body fat distributions, Android and Gynoid.


#3 Android fat distribution

As described by PositiveMed: "An ‘android' fat distribution pattern is so called because more men than women exhibit it. You may have heard it described as an ‘apple' body type when the waist circumference is greater than that of the hips."


#4 Gynoid fat distribution

As described by PositiveMed: "A ‘gynoid' distribution is most commonly seen in women. This is what many call the ‘pear' body shape. In this pattern, hip circumference is greater than waist circumference." Check out the 6 types of body fat and easy ways to get rid of it.


1) Obesity from food

This type is commonest in the world. It occurs due to excessive food and sugars intake. In order to solve your problem, make changes in your diet, reduce the amount of food, discard sugars and exercise at least 30 minutes a day.


2) Obesity cause by “nervous stomach”

This type of obesity is caused by stress, anxiety and depression. People who have it practice increased intake of sweets. The best thing to do is control your stress and get rid of it with physical activity.


3) Gluten obesity

This type of obesity is most common in women who go through menopause and women with impaired imbalance. The most important thing is to avoid prolonged sitting, smoking and alcohol. Practice exercises with weights.


4) Metabolic obesity

People, who have stomach bloated like a balloon, accumulate fat in this body part. People who consume alcohol, have psychological problems or problems with breathing are the most affected ones.

5) Obesity caused by venous circulation

This is mostly genetically inherited obesity. It occurs during pregnancy and in people who suffer from swollen legs. The solution is in exercises such as running and climbing stairs.


6) Obesity from inactivity

This type of obesity affects parts of the body that used to be active in the past. The key to eliminating these fat deposits is not to allow going through long periods without food, because the body can accelerate metabolism and burn them quickly.

We hope we help you to somehow improve your lifestyle and live healthier.