The 7 Worst Characters In WWE History

Posted by Michael Avery in Sports On 15th September 2016

Not everyone is an overnight success in WWE. I still have images of Rocky Maivia walking into an arena in his first match on television. While the Great One – who would later go on to become The Rock – earned his first win in the company, it wasn’t the electrifying show we are now used to seeing from one of the greatest to ever get in a ring.

Wrestlers over the years find their niche, but for some, it doesn’t happen right out of the gate. For some, it’s a bad start that continues to get worse. For years, we have written lists of the greatest professional wrestlers, but this time, I am putting a new twist on it.

There is no formula for what makes up the worst wrestling characters in WWE history. There is quite a discussion to be had. Of course, no matter how you create a list like this, there will always be a debate. So, here are the seven of the worst wrestling characters in WWE history.


7: Oz

This was one of and the worst incarnation in the wrestling career of Kevin Nash. Long before the days of Diesel and the New World Order, there was Oz, a character in WCW that was an awful takeoff from the Wizard of Oz character. Nash was dressed in green and had his hair dyed as well. Oh, and let's not forget the munchkins who accompanied the all-powerful one to the ring. Brutal.

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6: Giant Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez was a former Argentine basketball player who was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks. Let's just say he was equally awful under the basket as he was in the ring. He had tremendous size at supposedly eight-feet tall and 460 pounds, he had trouble with mobility and moving around the ring. He was every bit a circus attraction if there ever was one. Also known as El Gigante' he died in his home country at the age of 44 in 2010.


5: Bastion Booger

Oh, poor Mike Shaw. The loveable wrestler who looked like he hadn't missed a meal in his life had a cult-like following. He had to give up his original gimmick of a friar because of controversy with the Catholic Church. WWE put him in a dingy diaper, make him appear hunchbacked and eating trash on his way to the ring. Surprisingly enough, Bastion Booger did not become very popular and faded off into obscurity.


4: The Red Rooster

At one point, Terry Taylor was regarded as one of the better performers in the business. How someone could convince him to come out with a faux hawk that was painted red and have him strut around the ring, acting like a chicken is unfathomable. Before coming to WWE, Taylor was a regional star in the NWA, UWF and WCW, and a fan favorite. Moving to Vince McMahon's circus proved to be a terrible career move.

3: Isaac Yankem DDS

During Jerry Lawler's feud with Bret Hart, the "King" did what he needed to do to gain an upper hand he brings in his dentist to do his dirty work. Thank goodness his stint as the villainous tooth-yanker was short-lived. Yankem became the evil villain Kane, who we all know is one of the greatest wrestlers to get in a WWE ring. Yankem wrestled in scrubs and full dental gear. And yes, he was pretty scary in the ring.

2: Seven

Over the years, Dustin Runnels has been famous for his character Goldust. There have been times when he would love to forget some of his worst moments in the ring. Seven was a powered-like character who came to the ring in a leather straight jacket and spoke in tongues, babbling all the way. It is reported that Runnels shut the character down the same night it made its debut. It was a wise decision.

1: Hornswoggle

Really? Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, midget wrestling was a popular part of the traveling nomads. Now, it's looked upon as a major sideshow. Hornswoggle was a short-termed anomaly that caught on with his leprechaun gimmick and his connection to the McMahon family as the love child from a Vince McMahon affair.

He was even revealed as the anonymous Raw general manager. Although he would have been real successful in a 1980s WWF, it had little success in today's product.