The Creation Of Images Featuring Human-Shaped Animals By AI Has Left People Disturbed

By Zainab Pervez in Bizarre On 24th July 2023

In recent months, people have been feeding various eccentric inputs into AI image generators.

Among the myriad examples, one stands out for its peculiar blend of fascination and unease.

Reddit / @u/seva98

You can venture into an AI generator and direct it to visualize how humans would appear as various animals or how animals would look in human form.

AI images can sometimes look good, while other times, they don't.

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Amidst the collection of images, some truly intriguing visuals emerge, but one, in particular, appears to have missed the mark entirely.

Reddit / @u/seva98

Normally, AI-generated images of people fall into an "uncanny valley," where they almost look real, but something feels off, like odd-looking hands or not-quite-right faces.

However, in this unique case where the AI was tasked with creating animals as people, the results seem to be quite successful. Maybe because they didn't try to make them too human, the outcome turned out better.

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There's one particular picture that stands out—a mantis-human hybrid that resembles something you'd encounter in an exciting sci-fi adventure movie.

Reddit / @u/seva98

Several other images resemble strange alien species one might encounter on adventures aboard the TARDIS or Starship Enterprise, providing a refreshing departure from mundane cardboard prosthetics.

Another captivating image portrays a fusion of human and fish, surprisingly cool in its appearance. It bears a resemblance to Star Wars concept art or could serve as inspiration for a spacefaring adventure game.

On the other hand, some AI-generated images do not fare as effectively. For instance, the portrayal of a tortoise man appears to be nothing more than the head of a balding middle-aged man awkwardly attached to a tortoise's body.

Reddit / @u/seva98

Similarly, one image seemed to interpret the instructions in an entirely erroneous manner. While envisioning a human-rhinoceros hybrid, one might anticipate a bipedal figure adorned with rhino-like features, possibly boasting broad shoulders, a horn, and a gruff demeanor akin to the alien Judoon from Doctor Who.

Reddit / @u/seva98

What I mean to highlight is that there is a prior example to reference.

Considering this, it becomes exceedingly puzzling that the AI appeared to falter when creating the human-rhino hybrid. Instead of establishing any semblance of coherence, the resulting image merely depicted a rhino with a human superimposed over the back legs.

Viewed from a certain perspective, this portrayal could be seen as rather unfortunate, raising questions about the AI's ability to interpret the intended concept accurately.

Using AI to create images can be a hit-or-miss experience. Some results are genuinely interesting and impressive.

However, we must be careful with AI-generated designs. They often borrow from existing artwork and can sometimes look too similar to an artist's work, leading to copyright issues.

AI is best used as a source of inspiration for artists rather than a complete replacement. It can spark creativity and assist artists in their work, but it shouldn't replace their unique vision and talent.