The Curse of the Ark of the Covenant

By Editorial Staff in Amazing On 23rd October 2013

The Curse of the Ark of the Covenant


The Ark of the Covenant is cursed you say? The most sought after relic of the ancient world, a relic on which blockbuster movies have been created (remember Indiana Jones?? ). Well it could be according to folklore and tradition. 

The Ark of the Covenant is a holy relic containing the broken tablets of the Ten Commandments that were received by Moses according to Jews and Christians. It was also used as a means of communicating with the divine by the subsequent people of the Promised Land. The relic itself is said to have great powers. When the Israelites were being chased down by the Egyptians after banishment, the Ark was said to have parted the ways of the Jordan that helped them escape. It was famed and given credit for the fall of Jericho the pagan city before they settled in the Promised Land. 

Apart from wielding great power, it is also known to be the cause of disaster, tragedy and disease if fallen in the wrong hands. In one account when the Ark was captured by the Phillistines, they developed a bad case of hemorrhoids after which they soon returned it to the Israelites for fear it may cause more harm. 

 Ancient transcripts also indicate that the Ark of the Covenant was to be handled in a particular manner with the poles having to be positioned in a particular manner and those who were not ordained (priests were appointed by a ritualistic ceremony who also later became to be the guardians) and touched the Ark, died instantly. 

After the Babylonians ransacked ancient Jerusalem, the Ark supposedly vanished. Some say it was taken to safety, some say God himself provided for its safe keeping to keep it away from wrong hands who could misuse its power (the story of mankind). 

So if you decide to embark on a quest to search for the Ark of the Covenant be warned of its power to both kill and enlighten.

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