The extraordinary man who swims the entire length of rivers

By Editorial Staff in Feel Good On 16th November 2013

Who doesn't love a good swim? The clearness and calmness of water over you. Not to forget a freeeaken healthy way to maintain your body to ultimate rips and perfection. YUM!Some love to swim , others don't. But this isn't about whether you love to swim or how much exercise you get or your super hot swimmer's bod. It's about the heights and achievements acquired by this one amazing, healthy, absolutely delightfully crazy man.

Meet the man who swims entire rivers!Martin Strel, commonly known as "Daredevil", "human fish", "the hero in a speedo", or "the craziest man in the world". However you'd like to call it, He is the greatest endurance swimmer in the world! A man who swims the entire length of rivers! 
58 year old Slovenian(Slovenia, nation/state in southern central Europe) man, Martin Strel, has broken the Guinness World Record for long distance swimming multiple times.



His first attempt was in 2000, when he swam the length of the Danube river,3004km (1867 miles), in 58 days. A year later, he broke another record by swimming 504km (313 miles) non-stop for 84 whole hours again on the Daube! Yikes! 

In 2002, Strel changed continents and went to North America, where he became the first person to swim the entire length of the Mississippi river (3797km/2360miles) in 68 days, thus breaking another Guinness World Record. 

In 2003, he swam the length of the Parana River ,South America,(1930km/1200miles) in just 24 days.

In 2004,Strell became the first person to swim the length of the Yangtze river(4003km/2488 miles) in just 51 days. 

It took him nearly 3 years to prepare for the longest and most dangerous river in the world, but in 2007, he succeeded in breaking the record again; he swam the 5268km (3274 miles) of the Amazon River, in South America, in 66 days.

Strel dedicated his most important and most difficult swim to finding a cure for Alzheimer's and to the preservation of the rainforest.